A lot can happen in 180 seconds. 3-minute TikTok videos have now been confirmed for content creators across the platform. Get the full details here!

TikTok is ploughing its way confidently towards world domination. The content creation sphere is alive with snappy, pithy clips and hilarious duets. Users have been able to stay connected in real time by making use of the TikTok live feature. Plus, businesses have boosted their reach and online visibility in a fun, engaging way by utilising TikTok as a marketing tool.

Previously, videos could exist at 15 seconds long, or a lengthier but still brief minute-long. Now, the game is changing.

3-Minute TikTok Videos

Back in December, TikTok revealed it was trialling 3-minute TikTok videos with a limited selection of users. If you’ve come across longer videos whilst scrolling around the platform, that would explain it. But now the platform, famed for its short-form video format, has confirmed it will be rolling out the longer option for all users in the coming weeks.

Sharing the news in a blog article, TikTok announced:

Now we’re introducing the option for our global community to create longer videos – paving the way for even richer storytelling and entertainment on TikTok.

Content creators on the platform have been sharing longer content with fans for a while. However, this involved a much longer-winded process of sharing multiple minute-long videos. This suggests the demand for a longer video length option is there, but is this just one step closer to YouTube‘s format?

3-minute TikTok videos could certainly mean more room for creativity and experimentation by content creators. Although, could we be left with a case of “too much of a good thing”? Perhaps what makes many TikTok videos so entertaining and clever is that they manage to achieve something in such a short space of time.

We’ll have to wait and see if the advent of 3-minute videos causes many TikTok content creators to lose their edge, or if it just means the provision of even longer gold.