Are you feeling excited about the new year, or daunted? If you’re a creator of any kind, we’ve got some leads on where to find that much needed 2022 motivation right here!

The end of another year is approaching, and it’s been a pretty mixed bag. Focussing on politics, humanitarian issues, and the pandemic is certainly enough to get you down. However, it’s important to celebrate your own personal wins. Maybe you landed a sweet new job, or finally finished that big project! Regardless of whether your 2021 was a stinker or a dream, motivation tends to run dry this time of year.

Heading into January, we’re surrounded by talks of resolutions, goals, and manifestations. But, a lot of us are just tired from over-socialising or straight up getting through December. You might know what you want to achieve in the next 12 months, but where do you find that friendly nudge?

Staying motivated through lockdowns and winter is definitely a challenge. To help, we’ve broken down our top 5 tips for discovering your 2022 motivation as a creator or artist of any kind! You got this.

Write Lists

The art of winging it is a sacred and traditional practise, one to be respected at all times. However, it isn’t always the most concise method of reaching a destination, physical or metaphorical.

Writing down everything you hope to achieve in 2022 is a good way to begin to visualise your plan of attack. This means you’re far more likely to achieve your goals in the given timeframe.

Whittle Down That List

So many of us start off the year with good intentions; we’re going to get fit, quit smoking, read more, complain less, write a screenplay, go for more auditions, give up chocolate. In reality, the more challenges you set for yourself, the less likely you are to meet any of them.

By whittling down your list of goals to the ones that take absolute priority, things suddenly appear more achievable. Your mission will feel less gargantuan and you’ll feel that 2022 motivation start to trickle in.

Be Accountable

You should never do something just because you think you should, or because you want other people’s approval. You should be aiming to slay 2022 for yourself.

With that said, letting friends or family know your plans and goals creates some accountability. This can act as a drive for us to keep on track and achieve what we set out to. Whilst not quite managing to pull off what you intended to is nothing to be ashamed of, having bystanders cheering you on or checking in on your progress is a huge help.

Find a Routine

Much like exercise, creative endeavours are far easier to stay on top of if you incorporate them into your daily routine. Aiming to write one new song a week turns into a breeze if you dedicate even just half an hour a day to it.

Start small, promise yourself you’ll sit down for 5 minutes to brainstorm film ideas or research other vloggers’ YouTube channels. Such a small amount of time isn’t off-putting, and once you get into the groove, that 5 minutes will soon turn into 45.

Soon, your day will feel strange without your chosen creative activity. This familiarity and comfortable scheduling will motivate you to keep creating on a regular basis and reach your goals in no time.

Get Inspired

Comparing yourself to others too obsessively or frequently can do more harm than good. It’s important to remember that things often aren’t always as they appear from the outside. You can’t compare your journey to others too closely, as circumstances and life just don’t work that way.

However, having role models and general aspirational figures can be a strong motivator for you to keep plugging away at your own journey.