There are a few benefits of using royalty free assets, like music and sound effects, in content creation projects. Find out what they are here!

What does Royalty Free Mean?

Royalty free music, sometimes known as stock music, refers to music that can be used without you having to pay royalties to the rights holder every time the track is used. This type of music is great for accompanying projects where the budget may be a little limited.

The temptation to just use your favourite track by a chart topping artist is going to be strong. But, it’s important to resist the urge. Sadly, using music that you don’t have the appropriates rights to can lead to some copyright issues down the line. You can receive DMCA strikes if you use copyrighted music in a Twitch stream, for instance. And if you want to license a famous track, chances are you’re going to be a bit stunned by the cost.

This concept also applied to sound effects (SFX). Synchedin offers both royalty free and creative commons (CC0) SFX. The big difference regarding this is that you can use the CC0 sounds for free.

What are the Benefits of Using Royalty Free Assets

Now you know you can’t simply use chart-topping tracks in videos or projects, let us explain why this isn’t all bad.

Firstly, by using royalty free music and SFX, you’re championing independent and lesser known creators. Showing your fellow creative some love opens you up to a wonderful sense of community. Plus, you never know how that might come back as good creative karma in the future!

Secondly, and perhaps the most attractive point, is that it’s affordable. Compared to the cost of using popular music, featuring royalty free music in videos is way more realistic. If you’re an independent creator yourself, you’re probably all too familiar with strict budgeting. Putting together a soundtrack for an indie film, or adding intro music to YouTube videos becomes a lot more doable with Synchedin.

Rather than paying separate fees for individual tracks, you can obtain the license to use songs under one simple subscription. Get access to download unlimited tracks for just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. As mentioned before, you can download CC0 SFX without paying a thing. If you want access to the full catalogue of sounds, then subscriptions are a mere $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year.