It’s important your video content looks great and stands out on YouTube. Check out these RGB tube lights, and give your vlogs extra atmosphere!

Video editing allows you to fix little problems, and hide a few sins. It can’t, however, fix terrible lighting. When shooting video content of any kind, it’s vital to think about your lighting set up. Whether you’re filming a vlog, or a commercial, considering your lighting set up could be the difference between failure and success. Will you use a 3-point lighting set up, or can you harness natural light and make it work for you?

If you hope to grow your channel, gaining subscribers and fostering a loyal fanbase, your content has to look professional. That’s not to say it needs to look the same as everyone else’s though…

RGB Tube Lights

Tube lights are an awesome alternative to complicated lighting set-ups. Available in varying lengths, strengths, and temperatures, they’re super versatile, as well as simple to use. You can use them as hair lights, as part of a wider set-up, or you can use them on their own as a fill light.

RGB lights are ones that use a colour model, enabling them to give off light across a spectrum of colours. Using this type of light is perfect for creating different moods, and giving a video some added personality. They’re a fantastic addition to any YouTuber’s arsenal of equipment, and they don’t have to break the bank.

We’ve listed some of the best RGB tube lights that you can find whilst on a budget!

DigitalFoto Chameleon

These lights from DigitalFoto come with everything you need to get started. With onboard effects, like lightning or police car, you can use these for a whole host of things. The built-in batteries last for around 1.5-4hrs depending on how bright you have the lights. You can grab the 2ft light for $210, or the 4ft for $295.

LUXCEO Tube Light

For just $90, this tube light is great for beginner vloggers on a tight budget. Due to its low price, it’s missing some features that more expensive lights have. For instance, no barn doors on the light means manipulation of the light requires some creativity. But, for such a low price, these are an ideal way to add colour to your videos.

NanGuang Pavolites

The Pavotubes by Nanlite are well known to videographers as mid-tier RGB tube lights. Being mid-tier, this still makes them less accessible to those on a budget. Fortunately, the Pavolites by NanGuang are the pretty much identical in all but name. They perform perfectly, have built in batteries, and look amazing, and are $100-200 cheaper than the Nanlite version!