The YouTube channel providing all the gale force wind entertainment today is Big Jet TV. Check out what this UK based channel is all about!

Today in the south of the UK, storm Eunice has brought gale force winds ripping through the country. The weather warranted a rare red warning for the Met Office last night, causing much anticipation amongst the British public. There were concerns for the safety of people, homes, and wheelie bins. A community who has been particularly enjoying the bluster are England’s aviation geeks.

If you’re a nervous flier, then this might not be the channel for you. Passionate aviation enthusiast, Jerry Dyer brings the best of airport commentary via his channel, Big Jet TV. Each week, on Wednesdays and weekends, Jerry camps out at the country’s busiest airports, livestreaming landings and departures.

It feels like just about everyone in the UK has been watching Big Jet TV today. This is because a 6- hour (so far) livestream has been taking place from London’s Heathrow Airport. With the wind as strong as it has been, people have been unable to resist watching dicey and sketchy landings, one after another.

People enjoy a bit of disaster and chaos, with plenty of documentaries about the world’s worst cruises, or plane rides from hell. Big Jet TV is the live, free, community focussed answer to that on YouTube. With a dedicated following, viewers have been getting involved via the chat feature to enthuse about the more hair-raising landings.

The BBC has reported on the channel, since it has become an unexpected hit across the UK. With winds reaching up to 70mph, this morning featured some of the more thrilling manoeuvres. Even with blue skies and less harsh crosswinds, Big Jet TV has still managed to muster well over 100K current viewers 6 hours into the stream!