After years of the enigmatic algorithm, the Instagram feed will revert to a chronological timeline. What’s prompted the change?

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri stated that the company had been working on a “version” of the feature for months now. Appearing before a Senate subcomittee, Mosseri explained the feed would show posts from users that people follow in chronological order. This is in place of the algorithm, which works based on a ranking system.

The algorithm was introduced in 2016, much to the chagrin of the platform’s general usership. Despite Instagram insisting over the years that the change was well received, the majority of users would beg to differ. The algorithm is treated with a level of contempt, by small businesses in particular, who use the platform as a social media marketing tool. This is largely due to the apparent fact of its parameters constantly changing, making it difficult to form a consistent strategy.

Announcing the switch back to a chornological timeline on Twitter as well, Instagram said it’s also expierimenting with “Favouries”. This will let you see your preferred posts higher up on your feed.

In giving users options regarding how they view their Instagram feed, the platform will, ultimately, become more personalised than only offering algorithmically sorted “personalisation”.

Safety for Teens

During the Senate hearing, Mosseri was also taken to task over the safety of younger Instagram users. This is after documents, leaked to The Wall Street Journal, showed the company was aware it was “toxic” for teens. Pressure was applied when senators argued the Take a Break feature, designed to help teens, wasn’t enough.

Mosseri proposed the creation of an “industry body” dedicated to improving online safety for young users. This body would determine best practices for the handling of child data, as well as parental controls.