This Synchedin contributor is such a prolific and skilled composer, we thought he deserved his own collection. Check out the Best of Kevin MacLeod!

Kevin MacLeod is pretty much a royalty free music king. Seemingly ubiquitous in the content creation sphere, he is known by and popular with creators of all kinds. As a full time composer, he has a lot of fantastic music to offer, so it hardly comes as any surprise.

With over 2000 royalty free songs published, it is evident that Kevin is able to turn his hand to all sorts of genres. You’ll find anything from smooth jazz to upbeat disco, to cinematic soundscapes. The huge back catalogue that this artist has spent many years building provides high quality background music of all kinds. Helpfully titled, many of his albums signpost just what you can expect to hear. For example, Touching Moments is filled with tender piano and emotional strings. Somewhere Sunny is bursting with bouncy acoustic guitars that sound as bright as the sun.

This Synchedin curated collection features a variety of tracks, showing off just how broad Kevin MacLeod’s compositional range is. Whether you’re creating emotionally charged short films, or you share cute, light-hearted craft tutorials, there’s a track here for you.

Recognising that great music shouldn’t be limited to just wealthy creators or those with a more healthy budget, Kevin MacLeod has spent much of his time making quality songs that are accessible. Browse this collection of our top Kevin picks, and find the next perfect track for your latest video project.

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