A composer who recently joined the Synchedin library with a vast back catalogue, we’re celebrating the Best of Wojciech Golczewski with a fresh collection!

Recently placed, by us, into the Synchedin Spotlight, Wojciech Golczewski is a talented musician, composer, and music producer based in Poland. Known for his fantastically striking scores for the indie films We Are Still Here, Tonight She Comes and Beyond the Gates, Golczewski expertly blends retro synth sounds with classic horror film ambiances. The result is beautifully written yet equally unsettling and eerie soundtracks.

His music has featured in several Scandinavian crime-thriller series, as well as Australian sci-fi. Alongside all of this, he also releases stunning personal, non-soundtrack music. These accolades are testament enough to Golczewski’s talent, but the proof is in the listening.

Best of Wojciech Golczewski

When stumbling upon a fantastic new artist for the first time, it can be almost daunting to know where to begin. “At the start!”, you may cry. Thanks to the likes of Spotify, these days we like to skip around in a non-linear fashion when ingesting our tunes.

That’s why we’ve put together this collection, to make your introduction to this brilliant musician a breeze. A healthy mixture of tracks from his biggest film appearances, and his own personal releases.

There’s gritty and gripping tracks galore, ideal for any tense scenes you’ve got going on in your own film project. But, you’ll find plenty of delicate and touching moments in here too. Golczewski is highly adept at capturing the perfect blend of sci-fi and romance in his more sensitive sounding songs.

If you’re searching for an epic finale for your sci-fi creation, look no further. Ditto, hunting for an awe-inspiring soundtrack for a new game you’re designing. Wojciech Golczewki really is your one-stop shop for breathtaking synth pieces and moving minimoog wonder.