When you wrap presents, is it stressful or fiddly? Not any more, thanks to our lofi beats to chill and/or wrap presents to collection!

The festive season involves a lot of frantic list-writing, shopping, sitting in traffic, and haphazardly wrapping gifts last minute. Feelings of being rushed or stressed can quickly creep in, making Christmas feel like a bit of a chore.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Taking notes from the Scandinavians, we believe that wrapping presents should involve a healthy dose of hygge. This means getting cosy, lighting some candles, grabbing a hot chocolate and your softest pyjamas, and settling in. Setting aside a couple of hours one evening to slow down, unwind, and get the presents wrapped will inject some welcomed calm back into your holiday.

When creating a relaxing, serene atmosphere, music holds a lot of sway. If you’re trying to keep the frantic feelings at bay, tackle them with some super chilled tunes. Not sure where to find them? We’ve got you.

lofi beats to chill and/or wrap presents to

We’ve put together this collection of beautifully soothing lofi beats that you can calmly wrap your Christmas presents to, or just chill out with in between the festive madness.

Delicious vinyl crackle aplenty to help you feel like you’re nestled fireside, you’ll be in an oasis of tranquillity in no time. Airy synth pads, twinkling electric piano sounds and painstakingly perfected snares all come together to lull you into a mellow headspace, revitalising you for the Christmas events to come.

This curated collection includes Synchedin favourites, such as Coolum, Cloudy Cat, and Borrtex.

A Helping Hand

Not a confident gift wrapper? You will be after checking these videos out. We don’t want you to lose your cool having to search for tutorials. Grab a hot drink, and have a watch of these!

Your loved ones will be amazed when they receive a gift that looks as good on the outside as it does inside. This idea appears far more complex than it is. This means easy Christmas points, without the hassle.

This video will have you wrapping even cylindrical gifts without having a meltdown. With these helpful guides and our chilled collection, your Christmas shall be merry and bright once more.

Remember, all the music in this collection is royalty free, meaning you can use it in your very own festive video content.

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