Adding music to videos doesn’t need to be difficult, even when your videos are on the lengthier side. Check out these long songs, that’ll fit your content perfectly!

Whilst short form video is exploding, longer vlogs and videos are still a staple of the content creation world. Whether you make review videos, lifestyle vlogs, or tutorials, not all videos can be condensed into a couple of minutes.

On YouTube, you can bolster your content by creating Shorts – the platform’s answer to TikTok. It’s pretty easy to add music to these videos, as you’ll be able to grab a 60-second audio clip from a huge variety of songs. But, if you create videos that sit in the 20-minute region, the same luxury isn’t afforded to you.

Featuring great royalty free music in your videos is important regardless of the length. It helps to set the tone, show off your style, and engage your audience. It becomes even more important as the video length starts to increase. You need to keep your viewers hooked, and the perfect track can help to do this. If you’re sharing a 7-minute time-lapse video of you building a wooden chair, things are going to get stale pretty quickly if you leave it in silence.

But, what do you do when most mainstream, conventional songs are 3-4 minutes long?

Synchedin Collection | Long Songs

No need for elaborate titles when the music is this lengthy, we’ve put together a Synchedin collection of Long Songs.

Here, you’ll find the longest tracks in the Synchedin music catalogue. Amazing artists like Kevin MacLeod provide relaxing and meandering piano music, and meditative tracks perfect for any extended video content. There’s also a dose of South African house music from amapiano artist, Kabza De Small.

There are ways you can make music longer, however this doesn’t suit everyone. It’s not a super difficult process, but it does take up some time, which is of course precious for any kind of creator!

Instead, you can choose long piano pieces by Borrtex, or lengthy instrumental songs from FARE, As The Sky Melts, and james smith.

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