Drummers and other session musicians with a social media presence use shed tracks to show off their chops. But where can you get such tracks?

More and more of you have been searching Synchedin for drumless tracks to play along to for social media content. We’re not ones to disappoint – so you can now find a whole range of drumless music to shred along to in our new Shed Tracks collection!

Maybe you’re new to the Instagram drumming scene, or perhaps you’ve been in the game since Cobus Potgieter was the most well known drummer on YouTube! Either way, you’re going to need quality, copyright claim free, drumless tracks to show off your chops with.

Making successful content for your session musician socials is often a fine balancing act. An educational approach, usual detailed with musical notation and demonstrated at varying speeds is key. Humorous moments and just straight up chops also tend to all be present in viral music content. Of course, there is no one way to make good content. However, a solid backing track to let those drum sticks loose on is a very helpful start.

Perhaps you’re looking to post drum playthrough videos on YouTube. Maybe you need consistent tracks to jam along to for your Instagram feed. Whatever you need, we have you covered. Shed tracks can take on any style, genre or tempo, the only requirement a fantastic shed track really needs is to not include drums, so you can shred over the top of it!

But why source your shed tracks from Synchedin?

Benefits of Shed Tracks from Synchedin

Using shed tracks for your social media profiles is great for numerous reasons. Here’s just some of them:

  1. Shed tracks are already drumless. If you have experience in making drum covers for your social media platforms, you’ll have likely seen many a YouTube tutorial on how to remove drums from an existing song. The short answer is, it can’t be done 100% effectively and cleanly. All the tracks in our Shed Tracks collection come without drums and with an optional click! (or go it without the clean, we promise we won’t tell your teacher).
  2. Shed tracks come in a range of genres, styles and tempos. It’s awesome and admirable when musicians choose one genre to become an expert in…although we all know that drummer who whips out the blast beats a bit too liberally. There’s a lot to be said about the professionalism of a musician who can adapt to any genre or style. Enter Synchedin’s Shed Tracks collection, which includes dozens of drumless songs in a variety of styles, from epic rock ballads to upbeat funk. Don’t let your content get stale or samey!
  3. You’ll never have to worry about copyright claims or takedowns. We’ve all been there. You’ve spent hours coming up with a part for a drum cover, and even more hours editing and uploading the footage. Then your content is removed from Instagram for breaching copyright. It’s frustrating, but there are solutions out there.

Find Shed Tracks

So you see the benefits of using tracks to jam along to on your musician socials, now what?

Unfortunately, you can’t just use the most trending song at the moment for your latest content. It might seem mighty tempting, and could get your profile some new viewers, but your content may not be seen at all if it’s removed for copyright infringement.

To avoid any wasted hours making content which will receive copyright strikes, it’s always wise to rely on royalty free music. This allows you to shred your heart out, while ensuring your socials grow consistently and organically. At Synchedin, all available music is royalty free AND has the sync license covered, so you can use it in any kind of content project.

We’ve made our new Shed Tracks collection so you can spend more time doing what you love, and less time worrying about the legal implications of your new drum along post!

Discover rocking drumless tunes, both with and without a click, at a whole range of tempos by Synchedin artist Drumless Backing Tracks. Don’t forget to tag us (@Synchedin) in your content so we can rate your chops!