From romantic acoustic guitar ballads to dreamy piano sonatas, the Synchedin Valentine’s Day Music Box collection has everything you need for amorous content!

What stands out on Valentine’s Day? There are the films – classic romcoms to get you in the loving mood. There’s romantic gestures like flowers, cards, or balloons. But, there is of course also fantastic music. Soundtracks are responsible for setting the scene and emphasising a mood. Backing music in videos plays a crucial role for the same reason, and whether it’s horror or romance, the same rules apply.

Romantic Music

What makes music romantic, then? Generally, sweeping classical strings get pegged as a super romantic sound. That’s not to say that any music featuring strings sounds romantic, though. Usually, swelling strings accompanies a long-awaited show of passion in a film, and this pairing helps gives strings the romantic label.

The same applies to heartfelt piano playing. If the music is on the slower side, moving into a rapturous major key euphoria, it could be deemed romantic. This is helped if it is played over the top of a redemption-seeking, rain-soaked hero clutching a bunch of droopy flowers at their side.

Music and video go hand in hand, one helping the other to solidify its romantic nature.

If you’re working on your own feature film, or just want to share some Valentine’s content on YouTube, you’re going to need to romantic music.

Valentine’s Day Music Box

Featuring artists such as Kevin Macleod, Valdi Sabev, and CYMK, you can find a mix of passionate, romantic, and heartfelt tunes. Dig into this Synchedin curated music box, and add a little love to your content.

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