What really helps to set the scene in any scenic shot or landscape? The weather. Check out our Sycnhedin collection of Weather Sound Effects!

Sure, the sun might not make a particular noise, but the ambient sounds of rainfall and breezy blusters certainly do. Sound design and Foley isn’t all about footsteps or horror movie gore sounds. Great sound design captures the environment a film or video is shot in. This includes paying close attention to the atmospheric and meteorological conditions. In other words, the weather!

Since the weather is a fantastic vehicle for pathetic fallacy, it’s a story telling opportunity not to be missed. If you live in the UK, you will be all too familiar with the sound of rain. Falling droplets never fail to summon a sense of sadness and misery in narratives. Brooding storms tend to hint at oncoming chaos and tragedy.

However, if you’re working on a film project, or even a short story you’ll share on YouTube, it can be difficult to capture weather sounds. Creating your own SFX is a fun thing to do, but it’s also time-consuming and requires some equipment and knowledge. That’s why we’ve put together this collection for you!

Weather Sound Effects Collection

Hang up your anorak, kick off those dripping wellies, and take a mooch around this curated collection of Weather Sound Effects.

You’ll find thunder, rain showers, leaves rustling as they blow about in a gale. We’ve even got the sound of wind blowing through the grass of a Patagonian plain. Really!

Add depth and character to any visual project with some sounds of the natural elements. This collection hosts a combination of both free creative commons (CCO) SFX, and subscription-based royalty free sounds. Access unlimited downloads of the entire catalogue – that’s weather sounds and everything else – for just $3.99 per month!

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