Quality video is the key to growing your success on Twitch. We’ve listed some great free screen recording software to ensure only the best visuals!

Twitch is bustling with gamers and streamers all hoping to grow their audience and connect with like-minded people. Whether it’s seriously speed running the latest releases, or comedically recording some weird simulator games for fun, there’s an audience for it.

Before you can think about promoting your channel and becoming one of the top streamers of the moment, you need the right software. Nobody wants to watch low quality, jittery video. You need to make sure your content output is of a high standard in order to compete for the top spot. We understand that you may not have the biggest budget though. That’s why we’ve found some awesome free screen recording software, both trials and permanent.

Dive into our list, and take your streaming game to the next level!

OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software, aka OBS Studio is a powerful and free screen recorder that works with Windows and Macs. It also enables you to cast audio, making it the complete package, and a definite winner on the affordability front.

The interface is clean and easy to navigate, whilst offering lots of options like adding different sources, capturing specific windows, and loads more. There is also real-time video and audio mixing available, which helps you to exclude any unwanted noise through suppression.

Free Cam

As the name suggest, Free Cam is a totally free of charge video and audio capture software. You’d expect most free services to include a catch, like featuring a watermark or logo on your recordings. With Free Cam, this isn’t the case!

The interface is intuitive and easy to use. This simple screen recorder allows you to capture visuals with ease, and gives you high quality, professional results.


ShareX is a fantastic open source software that offers almost as many custom features as some great paid options. Compatible with Windows, it is geared mainly towards developers, which means its user face can feel a little advanced.

This is a potentially steeper learning curve than some other free options, but it certainly pays off once you get to grips with it!

Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture is a great Windows friendly screen recorder. It also enables you to record audio from your built-in microphone, making demo clips or chatty streams a breeze. You can record videos in a variety of formats, including avi, wmv, flv, mpg, mp4, mov and more.

Choosing what you record is on the cards, as this software records full screen, specific windows, or even a selected section of the screen. Recording time is unlimited, and you won’t be lumbered with any annoying watermarks.

My Screen Recorder Pro

Not a completely free option, My Screen Recorder Pro offers a free trial to allow you to dip your toe. This software is packed full of features that’ll let you record anything on your screen, including the full thing.

You can record your webcam or mobile screen in high definition whilst recording your desktop. It’s a strong choice for any streamer wanting to capture a whole load of content. If you’re looking to trial a high level software before making an investment, this would be a good choice for you. Once the trial has ended, you can purchase My Screen Recorder Pro for £95.24, so not too expensive if you intend to use it plenty.