Professional video editing doesn’t always have to mean a professional budget. Here’s where you can find free sound effects for YouTube videos!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that you need to have access to a bottomless pit of gold in order to produce polished, quality creative works. The world of art and creativity shouldn’t require an admission fee, and there are many free resources available if you know where to look. You can certainly create professional looking YouTube videos on a budget if you’re savvy about the equipment and software you use. One of the best video editing software packages out there is DaVinci Resolve, which happens to be free! There are even plenty of free video editing lessons online that will help you elevate your editing skills.

Finding affordable assets to add to your videos can eat into precious editing time. If you’re a student filmmaker, for instance, getting your hands on some great royalty free music fast and meeting deadlines is understandably a priority. The same goes for adding sound effects to YouTube videos in order to ensure a timely upload. So, having somewhere you can source free SFX (sound effects) that are easily filtered and cleverly categorised would be a big help, right? This isn’t too good to be true either, here’s where you can find just that…

Find Free Sound Effects

Synchedin offers a range of SFX on a royalty free and creative commons basis. The difference between royalty free and CC0 is that to use royalty free SFX you will need a paid subscription. At just $3.99 per month for access to the entire catalogue of SFX, we think this is a pretty great deal. But, we’re here to talk about the free stuff.

We have a whole host of fantastic creative commons (free) SFX for you to utilise in projects. Working on a new video all about space travel? Check out the NASA sound effects for out of this world soundscapes or victorious landing announcements. Or you could inject some political realism into your latest short film project with one of our presidential speeches and political addresses.

Download unlimited SFX without paying a dime and elevate your content creation project with Synchedin!