Streaming is now a large aspect of gaming for many enthusiasts. Here is all the essential equipment you will need for game streaming!

There are many benefits to streaming your gaming sessions. If you manage to build up a decent following, you could even earn money from streaming. We have some tips on how to increase viewers on Twitch to help you reach affiliate status. But, before you even consider any of this, you need a decent streaming set up! Watch as Trisha Hershberger of Kingston Technology presents an episode of DIY in 5 dedicated to the perfect game streaming set up.

As Trisha mentions in the video, there are a couple of easy ways to stream in terms of software. These include XSplit and OBS Studio. High quality audio is incredibly important when it comes to streaming. Check out our list of 7 awesome mics for recording your voice.

If you’re keen to get into game streaming then you should absolutely think about adding music. Sign up to Synchedin for streaming friendly music and even awesome SFX! Choose from a range of moods and genres and give your streams that professional edge today.