We’ve got some tips for growing your TikTok followers without spending a thing. Easily boost your account and watch the engagement roll in!

TikTok is one of the newest social media platforms on the scene, and perhaps the fastest growing. The short-form video-sharing platform is so popular, it often has Instagram breaking a bit of a sweat. Usually caught in a game of cat and mouse, Instagram tends to alter features like Reels in order to keep up with TikTok. For example, the company extended the length of Reels shortly after TikTok made a similar move. Anyone who’s got Instagram feeling nervous is worth getting on board with.

Why should you want more TikTok followers anyway? Well, the platform has been responsible for some serious career launching. Ever heard of Lil Nas X? Thank TikTok for that. TikTok’s biggest star, Charli D’Amelio joined the platform in 2019. Since then, the 17-year-old has amassed over 103 million followers, and landed deals with talent agencies, as well as TV contracts. So, whether you just want to share your content as widely as possible, promote a business, or rake in the big bucks, grabbing more TikTok followers is a good idea.

How to Get More TikTok Followers

We all prefer stuff when it’s free, don’t we? The idea of being able to do something which could result in more money without spending any tends to conjure suspicion. “Nothing in this life comes truly for free”, we proffer to ourselves.

Actually, social media begs to differ.

Learning how to master algorithms, conquer SEO, and become a dedicated player of the social media game can see you getting real results without emptying your pockets. We’re here to tell you exactly how you can grow your TikTok followers easily, quickly, and inexpensively!

Research Your Audience

You can’t be all things to all people. If you try, you’ll find yourself feeling exhausted pretty damn quick. Before you start firing out high quality content, you should think about who your target audience is. Doing this will help you to identify what sort of content to create, and what will be received best. Whether you’re shooting for influencer fame, or creating a social media marketing strategy on TikTok, do not skip this step!

You can figure out who your ideal audience is by checking out your competitors. Find the other creators operating within your niche or speciality, and see who is following them. Keep an eye on the most popular videos, and look at who is liking and commenting on them. This will help inspire you to come up with your own hit ideas.

You can use your other social media to identify your target audience. If your content on other platforms is performing well, try and do similar things on TikTok and target towards the same demographic. Thinking about a customer persona is particularly helpful, especially for businesses. Taking into consideration likes and dislikes, age, location, and values all plays into nailing down your target audience.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags first appeared on Twitter, and were quickly adopted by other platforms. Used as a way to reach wider audiences and unlock new communities, hashtags are vital for growing followers. They can boost your engagement on Instagram, and help videos rank better on YouTube.

The same goes for TikTok. Different platforms have different practices with regards to how you use hashtags, or rather, how many you use. On Twitter, generally 1 – 3 per tweet is standard, whereas Instagram could see you use 20 plus!

On TikTok, you need to bear in mind that the longer your caption is, the more of your video will be covered by text. With only 100 characters available, you need to be snappy, witty, and clever with what you write. Leaving room for 3 or 4 short, simple hashtags is a must.

Since the content that goes viral on TikTok comes from the For You Page, it’s not a bad idea to include #foryoupage or #fyp on each of your videos. Including branded or trending hashtags will help ensure your content reaches the right people too.

Hop On Trends

TikTok is fast-paced, with new crazes and trends cropping up all the time. Popular trends include dances, like the #yeeyee dance that helped Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road skyrocket to fame. The use of songs also trends, like the resurgence of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, repopularised by Nathan Apodaca.

Trends often come in the form of challenges on TikTok. By participating in these challenges, you’re opening up your account’s reach. This means that there will be more eyes on your content, and more people who could hit the follow button.


One sure fire way to expand your audience and gain TikTok followers is to reach out to other people’s audiences. If you’re a dab hand at writing outreach emails and messages, try connecting with similar creators.

If you aim for the elite TikTokers, you might struggle to get a response. However, it’s only worthwhile reaching out to creators with a decent sized audience. Doing this allows you to potentially entice your fellow creator’s audience to hit the follow button on your account too.

Utilise Other Platforms

Although Instagram has said it won’t promote TikTok watermarked content on Reels as much as non watermarked content, it’s still worthwhile to cross promote your videos.

You might already have a bigger following on Instagram, or maybe you have a similarly sized one but made up of different people. Sharing your TikTok content on Instagram lets you reach a bigger audience, and a wider array of viewers. The same thinking applies to any platform you think your target audience might be hanging out on. YouTube Shorts is another short form video-sharing space on the rise, so jumping on that will bolster your following too.

Post On Time

In order to get the most reach for your content, it’s important to post videos on TikTok at the right time. This would be when most of your audience is online. You can find this out by accessing your analytics on TikTok. Much like Insights on Instagram, TikTok Pro accounts give you a breakdown of data relating to your content and audience. You can easily switch your account to a Pro account for free in your account settings.

You can find out the times your audience is most active by heading into the Follower tab in your analytics. Look at Follower Activity, and you’ll discover where your audience is based, and when they’re usually online in terms of days and hours.


This rule is a simple concept that applies to each and every social media platform out there. If you want to attract more followers, you have to get involved with the community. Engaging with other people by liking their content, commenting on videos, and even resharing your favourite stuff, will result in higher engagement for you.

By engaging with different content, you’re making it so that your name will pop up in people’s notifications. This increases the likelihood of them then visiting your profile, seeing some content they like, and giving you a follow.

Use CTAs

A CTA (call to action) is something that urges someone to do something. This could be to leave a comment, follow a link, or buy a product. Depending on the type of content, your CTAs will vary. It’s best to alter a CTA to the situation, as this will make it more impactful and compelling.

CTAs should be added at the end of your content, so that it’s the last thing a viewer sees and thinks of. You can present them in a variety of ways, whatever fits your style. Adding them in text is a great way of making sure they stand out. It also means they won’t be missed if your viewer is watching without the sound on – something that has become much more commonplace.