Held entirely online due to the global pandemic, get creative with fellow gaming fanatics for Global Game Jam 2021! Check out the details here!

What is a Game Jam?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a game jam, it’s basically a hackathon focussed on game development. This means teams coming together to share their skills to create an awesome game in a sprint-like manner. Sound like something you’d be into? Global Game Jam is the world’s largest game creation event, usually taking place in various locations around the globe. However, in 2021 the event will understandably be a little different. Collaboration is still encouraged of course, but in a safe manner, meaning virtual teamwork and distanced working.

Every year the game jam has a different secret theme for games to centre around. This theme is revealed during a presentation from leading game developers, along with handy advice, to kick off the weekend-long event. Teams are then challenged to race off and create a fantastic game within 48 hours, ready for the Sunday afternoon. Last year, 934 locations took part in 118 countries, with an incredible 9,601 games created in one weekend! This month, Global Game Jam Online is scheduled for 27-31 January 2021 where your site is free to choose any of the 48 hours in that time to hold the jam. 

How to Take Part

In the spirit of collaboration, creativity and innovation, GGJ is not a competitive event and there is no winner for “best game”. The noble idea behind the event is to boost confidence, foster friendships and create opportunities within the gaming community. Perhaps something we need more than ever after a year of disconnect and uncertainty. Registration for sites is now open, and you can throw your hat into the ring here. Be sure to read over everything that is involved in running a site/team before going ahead, as things may be a little different this year!

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