If you’re looking for inspiration for your film soundtrack, check out these insights from film score composer legend, Hans Zimmer!

Whether you’re searching for the perfect royalty free music for film or you’re trying your hand at composition, it can be tricky getting it just right. Music affects mood in film and without it a visual project can fall flat.

Obviously selecting an already written and recorded track is different to composing your own, but both require inspiration and a creative ear (and eye). German film score composer, Hans Zimmer has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is bound to get you thinking and inspired. Having composed the soundtracks for the likes of The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dunkirk and The Dark Knight Trilogy, it’s clear the man is brimming with skill. And, just for some extra inspo, Zimmer is self-taught.

It is entirely possible to soundtrack a film on a budget, which is often the goal when you’re an indie creator. Even if you’re creating YouTube videos or TikTok shorts, adding music will elevate the visuals.

Using a site like Synchedin allows you to access a library of loads of fantastic music, ensuring you can create the perfect soundtrack to whatever video project you’re working on. You can also grab high quality sound effects for free, with subscriptions to access all assets starting from just $3.99 per month!