Featuring subtitles on a video makes it more accessible and inclusive. Here’s how to add closed captions to TikTok videos.

You’re at work. You’ve taken a quick bathroom break (accompanied by your phone, of course). Or, you’re in bed and can’t sleep but don’t want to wake your snoozing partner. But, YouTube is calling out to you, TikTok is a shining beacon reeling you in. Switching your phone on mute is the way to ensure you can watch videos whilst you maybe shouldn’t be, without anyone realising. This is where closed captions become our saviour.

Sneaky video viewing is just one of the benefits of closed captions. Some others include making videos accessible to this with hearing impairment, enabling them to know exactly what’s going on without needing to hear the video. Another is making your video reachable to those who speak a different language. If you add your own subtitles, in most cases these can then be translated for ant foreign fans. If you’re an avid YouTuber then here’s how to add subtitles to YouTube videos.

But, we’re here to talk about TikTok. These videos may be short, but if you’re concise you can certainly pack in a hefty amount of information. Make sure nobody misses a thing by adding closed captions to TikTok skits. It’s wonderfully simple to do, so here’s how!

As stated in the video, you can add subtitles directly using TikTok, by adding text and using duration sliders to place it correctly. This is fine, but can involve a lot of correcting and reshuffling. Using Kapwing is simple, effective and completley free!

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