Organising your music into playlists is a great way to find the exact tracks you’re looking for. It couldn’t be simpler to make a playlist on Spotify – here’s how!

Web Player

To make a playlist on Spotify’s web platform, simply head to your homepage, and you will see a sidebar menu. In this menu you will see the playlists section, with “create playlist” listed. Just give this a click.

Your main window will be redirected to your new playlist, which will have an automatically generated title. You can rename your playlist just by clicking on the title. This is also the time to add a description to give your playlist some backstory and information.

Add tracks to your playlist by either simply dragging and dropping tracks onto your playlist, which will display in the left sidebar, or by clicking the three dots besides each track and selecting “add to playlist”.

App Version

If you are using the app version of Spotify, just hit “file” at the top of your screen and select “new playlist”.

You will then be given the option to give your playlist a title and description, before creating the playlist, just as with the web player version. You can add songs to your playlist in the same way as the web player as well!

The Synchedin library is now available on Spotify as their own playlists, available for you to follow or to cherry-pick for your own Spotify playlists!