Today (11/05) Nintendo will host an Indie World presentation, shining a light on fantastic indie game developers. Get all the info here!

If you’re the happy owner of a Nintendo Switch, then you’re in for a fresh batch of game announcements this afternoon. Not giving too much of a heads-up, Nintendo announced this only yesterday (10/05).

Indie World presentations are similar to Nintendo Directs, which reveal the company’s upcoming content and plans. The big difference, as you can safely assume, is that Indie World focusses on indie game developers.

This month’s Indie World showcase can be viewed on either YouTube or Twitch, where it will be streamed from official channels. The streams will begin at 7am PDT or 10am EDT (or 3pm BST if you’re in the UK). In the announcement, Nintendo has said viewers can expect around 20 minutes of information. This will cover the plans for upcoming indie games set to become available on the Switch.

Further to big indie game developer announcements, gaming fans can expect sneaky releases after the presentation too. Stealth releases shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, based on Nintendo’s previous with surprise launches.

The most recent Indie World stream took place in December last year. During this, over 10 indie games were announced. Big moments included the announcement of Dungeon MunchiesLet’s Play! Oink GamesChicory: A Colorful Tale, and Timelie, which landed in the e-shop the same day.

At the moment, there’s no hint or leak regarding what can be expected in terms of specifics for today’s presentation. After this Indie World, fans should also anticipate another Nintendo Direct. The company usually releases a showcase around the time of E3. Although E3 was sadly completely cancelled this year due to omicron concerns, hopefully that won’t alter Nintendo’s usual pattern.