Nothing lasts forever, and we’re sad to say one of our favourite production outfits, Pacific, is leaving Synchedin. Get the full details and what this means for your content here.

We were super stoked back in August last year to get Pacific on board with Synchedin early doors. The music production duo gained huge popularity after Fortnite 2019 World Cup winner Bugha used the track Cruisin’ in many of his videos.

The versatility of Pacific made them a firm favourite in the world of content creation. From chilled beats, to dancey electronic music, there’s a track for all seasons. We noticed particular popularity recently, here at Synchedin, with the track Soho by Pacific.

However, Pacific have decided to head onto pastures new, and we wish them all the best. Although this does sadly mean leaving Synchedin for now.

Of course, you may have some questions relating to existing content, downloads and any future plans. We’ve answered all the top questions here in this article for you!

What Does This Mean for Existing Content?

We’ve stated in our FAQs that once a track is downloaded, it is yours to use forever. And this is very much the case!

If you have a video published on YouTube that features a Pacific track downloaded from Synchedin, you shouldn’t run into problems. As the video was uploaded during a time when Pacific tracks were licensed to Synchedin, the arrangement will remain the same.

Recently, Pacific switched the management of its content ID to HexaCorp. Due to an agreement between HexaCorp and Synchedin, any claims that appear on existing videos will be resolved.

Can You Use Existing Downloads?

Sadly, you will be unable to use previously downloaded Pacific tracks in new projects. Although the tracks were downloaded during a time when Pacific was licensed to Synchedin, the creation of new content using these downloads is not permitted.

What About Future Content?

So, if you create a video or content project in the future using historic Pacific downloads from Synchedin, you could be met with copyright issues. You would no longer have the appropriate permission or license to use these tracks.

You should avoid using old Pacific downloads as you won’t be protected by full claims control.

Are There Alternatives?

The Synchedin music library is growing every day; we’re constantly uploading new tracks and keeping an eye out for fresh artists.

We’re proud to feature fantastic artists like Simon Jomphe Lépine, Tobu and Axero, to name but a few. These artists are skilled in creating crisp, high-quality productions that range from energetic, to chilled, and everything in between!