YouTube is trialling a new feature that will let you promote your channel without having to go through Google Ads. Learn all about it here!

Last week, TechCrunch reported on a new test from the world’s most popular video platform.

Select creators will be able to promote their channels via ads, all managed in-platform. A new “Promotions” tab within YouTube Studio means that creators will be able to buy ads much more easily.

A YouTube Support page outlines the details around its latest tests and experiments. Referencing the new Promotions tab, the company said, “We’ve heard that creators want more tools to help grow their channel and reach a wider audience, so we are testing a simpler end-to-end workflow in Studio instead of through Google Ads. If you’re in this experiment, you’ll see a new “Promotions” tab in the Content page of Studio. We’re testing this out with a limited number of creators on desktop.”

If successful, this new feature could be a massive help to smaller creators. If you promote your channel well, you’ll attract a larger audience and hopefully gain subscribers. In order to earn money though YouTube, you must first have at least 1000 subscribers. Boosting your audience is the starting point for building a sustainable YouTube career.

Alongside making it easier for creators to run ads, this trial will also help the Google owned company increase ad revenue.

At the moment, the new feature is only available to select creators. If you want to promote your channel organically (without ads) there are still plenty of things you can do to bring in the views. Getting to know YouTube analytics will help you understand your audience and what kind of content they want to see. It’s also a smart move to get to grips with SEO, so that you can get your videos to rank better within the YouTube algorithm.

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