Have you been wondering how to draw in new followers? Check out Fan Links from PUSH.fm – we’ve got all the details you need right here!

What is PUSH.fm?

PUSH.fm is a platform that builds marketing, promotional and analytical tools for musicians, labels, content creators and more.

An official partner of digital music distributor, RouteNote, Push features great campaign options for musicians. However, the site is designed to help all creators increase their global exposure, discover new fans and create meaningful relationships with their fanbase. So, if you’re a brand looking to gain followers on Instagram and fast, or a vlogger after more subscribers on YouTube then Push is for you.

Fan Links

Fan Links are just one of the three campaign types Push currently offers. They are sharable, trackable and easily-customisable landing pages. Containing all the links you want to share with your fans in one place, directing traffic to your content has never been simpler. So, these could be your social media accounts, Spotify profile, website and more.

The benefits of using Fan Links are bountiful. Your fans will benefit by being able to access your content all in one place. This ensures they never miss out on any big news or cool updates. And, as a creator, you win because you can collect valuable insights about how your fans interact with your content. These links also enable you to track any conversions (people clicking onto your links) and see how many newbies you’ve attracted.

Another fantastic thing about Fan Links is that you can add any kind of link you like – in line with Push’s usage policy. There is a handful of stores which will autofill a logo and button text, but adding a new service provider is super simple. Add your own images, write your own custom description, pimp out your icons and add unlimited links.

If you’re a content creator who has worked hard on a new project, added awesome royalty free music and SFX from Synchedin, then check out PUSH.fm now!