Want to increase your reach on Instagram? Here’s how to repost TikTok videos without a watermark, and make your content go further!

TikTok or Instagram Reels… Whichever you prefer, it’s smart to utilise both platforms. Instagram is a strong marketing tool, and sharing Reels is a sure fire way to grow your business. If you’re a content creator looking for a bigger audience, spreading your videos across two platforms is better than one. Even I can understand that maths.

Whilst you can easily upload a TikTok video to Reels, it will feature the TikTok watermark. In terms of aesthetics, this might not bother you. But Instagram came out last year, saying it won’t promote Reels with the TikTok logo as hard as ones without. This was in a big to draw more users to use Reels for video creation, rather than just sharing. One move of many to try and keep up with TikTok.

Popularity for TikTok continues to grow, however, and many creators prefer its easy-to-use interface for shooting content. We want to share with you a way to repost TikTok videos with a watermark to Instagram, eliminating any promotion issues.

Repost TikTok Videos Without a Watermark

TikTok is equally a powerful weapon for marketing a brand or business. It makes sense that you wouldn’t want to choose one platform over the other, then. Thankfully, sharing TikToks minus the watermark is simple and straightforward. Two words busy content creators and freelancers love to hear.

Alternatively, you could film your video clips externally, splicing them together in TikTok during the editing process. This means that you’ll have video clips you can upload and edit in Reels too. This approach can be a little more time-consuming, and make the editing process longer. However, if you’re a savvy editor, it shouldn’t take much longer to do. This also protects you from losing your videos, should your drafts be mistakenly deleted or wiped.