From the developers of League of Legends, Riot Games revealed a no-DMCA 37-track album for streamers. Get the full details right here!

Riot Games has released a free album of lofi, chilled tracks named Sessions: Vi. The album includes music from producers like ChromonicciJunior StateLaxcity, and Tennyson.

The idea behind the album, according to the company, is to provide tracks “that anyone can use in their content without concern of copyright strikes.” This comes after streamers on Twitch were faced with a wave of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedowns towards the end of 2020. Twitch offered an explanation regarding the copyright storm, but Riot Games themselves also offered guidance to streamers. An article surrounding creator guidelines and music outlined how creators can avoid further DMCA issues.

Riot does not own all the rights to music used in their games, meaning creators and streamers have to be careful regarding audio in streams. But, Sessions: Vi enables creators to stream their gameplay with some chilled background beats and no worries.

The album is broken up into three sections: afternoon, evening, and night. Linking to the League of Legends character, Vi, the works is meant to represent a day in the life of the high-tech criminal.

Riot’s head of music, Toa Dunn has suggested that this could be just the first in a line of Sessions releases. It’s an interesting move from the games developer, as tensions rise between gamers and the music industry.

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