It’s frustrating when you find the perfect track for your content, but it doesn’t quite fit. So, are royalty free remixes okay on Synchedin?

Adding music to videos is important for a number of reasons, whether you’re making a feature film, or sharing vlogs on YouTube. It helps to set the tone, show off your personality, engage viewers, and tell the story. Without music, things tend to fall a little flat.

Whilst searching for royalty free music you can use safely in your content shouldn’t be difficult, it can be time-consuming. Even with extensive filtering options, and carefully chosen categories, landing on something you vibe with doesn’t always happen right away. That’s why when it finally happens, it’s near shattering when the track doesn’t quite line up with your content.

You might have 5 minutes of video but just 1 minute 30 second of ideal music. Or, the hit points in the song don’t match up with the action in your footage. Do you have to start your search from scratch, or is there a way around it?

What Is a Remix?

According to the dictionary, “a remix is a song that has been produced by remixing”. That’s not a super helpful explanation. Other sources say that a remix is a piece of media that has been altered from its original state, by adding, removing, or changing elements of it.

In the contemporary mainstream sense, we think of a remix as a reimagining of a song. For example, a drum and bass producer might remix an indie pop band to make it more up-tempo, with lots of added electronic elements. Check out the examples below to hear exactly what we mean.

Now, here’s the remixed version by High Contrast…

As you can hear, elements have been used from the original track, but a large proportion is newly added to the track. This is typically what we refer to when we say “remix”.

Can You Remix Royalty Free Music?

The quick answer here is no, unfortunately not. Not under the license that Synchedin provides, at any rate. In order to create the kind of remix given in the above example, you’d need to obtain the master rights to the track you want to remix. This can be a lengthy and expensive process.

The good news, however, is that you can alter, loop, and amend royalty free tracks from Synchedin in order for it to fit your content better. If the song you’ve fallen in love with is a little short, you can make the music longer using a DAW.

Taken straight from the license agreement, you are permitted to:

 Edit, loop or enhance the Licensed Work for the specific purpose of synchronising the Licensed Work with your Production.

Although the exact length to which you can edit or enhanced tracks isn’t specified, it’s generally agreed that the song needs to remain, in essence, the same as you found it. However, you can add fade in and outs, or apply certain effects, for example, to make it do the job you want it to.

With thousands of tracks to choose from in the Synchedin music library, you hopefully won’t be missing royalty free remixes. By discovering tracks with the help of filters like genre, style, mood, and instruments, you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

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