Mix up your content and catch people’s eyes by playing with different techniques. Here’s how to shoot a slow motion video!

If you’re aiming for a professional look or cinematic excellence in your video content, slow motion is the way to go. Not only does it look epic, but it’s a great way of filling out time. That last point might sound lazy, but hear me out.

Say you’re making a film or trying to create professional looking YouTube videos on a budget, you’re limited in what resources are available to you. This includes actors, location restrictions, as well as time. Slow motion video helps you to squeeze out all the potential and quality of the footage you do manage to capture, without demanding more resources.

Awesome Slow Motion Video Examples

Who knew milk could be so dramatic?

The Slow Mo Guys have a whole YouTube channel dedicated to the wonders of slow motion video. With 14.2m subscribers, it’s evident that slowing things down is a very popular video technique.

How to Shoot a Slow Motion Video

You may be thinking that you need a lot of fancy, expensive equipment to shoot a slow motion video. The truth is, you can do this on most of the latest smartphones, and have been able to for a few years now. However, it is also true that more professional standard equipment will yield better results. There are also some good tips to follow, in order to show off the slow-mo action to its fullest potential.

How Does It Work?

Videos are made up of loads of still images, called frames. The amount of frames per second (fps) dictates the appearing visual speed of playback. Regular videos you see on your phone or computer tend to be 30fps.

Rather than just slowing does the fps, it’s best to record at a higher frame rate. This means that the final product still plays at 30fps, and appear smooth and good quality. For instance, to slow something down to half speed, you’d record at 60fps.

Many devices will allow you to record even higher fps, like 240, at 1080p. Generally, higher fps will require a decrease in the pixels (the p), which affects the clearness and clarity. This is why going for professional, advanced gear often yields better results – it will be able to maintain higher pixels along with higher fps.

Tips & Tricks

How to shoot a slow motion video depends on what exactly you’re shooting, and why. If it involves liquid, is outdoors or indoors, whether it’s for entertainment or a professional commercial. However, there are some tips that will help across the board.

  • Keep the camera steady – even the slightest knock can result in blurry and destabilised footage. A tripod and a clear area will help.
  • Higher fps for more action – if you’re filming something with a lot of action or movement, increasing the fps when you film will help emphasise the slow motion effect more so than just doubling it.
  • Nail the lighting – as you saw in the wine glass video above, bright lighting helps capture every tiny detail. Illuminating your subject properly ensures a clear and intricate video.

Add Music

No dramatic slow motion video is complete without some epic, intense music. Just look at how slow-mo and music turns making a cup of tea into an unbearably tense watch.

Synchedin offers a huge library of awesome royalty free music, including cinematic tracks that are perfect for slow motion videos.

With one simple license, all tracks are available to feature in the background of videos, including commercial use. With full claims control, you can upload your videos to YouTube safe in the knowledge you won’t face any copyright issues down the track.

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