Whatever you’re promoting, music sells. Find out where you can find stylish royalty free music for commercials and advertising here!

Commercial Appeal

What makes a great commercial? How do you create a successful advertisement that is sure to sell?

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to promoting a product, business or service. You’ve got to have your brand nailed down, tap into the power of persuasion, and get creative. However, you could have all these areas covered and more, but if you’re not putting thought into the music you use, you’re setting yourself up for a major flop.

How many times have you had a song stuck in your head for days because it features on a commercial? I bet any time that’s happened, you end up thinking about that brand or product much more, too. See? The power of music in commercials. In some cases, the commercial power can be so strong, it overtakes the original fame of a track. Can you even remember how the original I’m Lovin’ It by Justin Timberlake sounds?

You shouldn’t use just any old track, though. Advertising is all about showing off your brand, and giving the public a good idea about who you are. This means, you need to use music that reflects your business and sets the desired tone. Whatever that tone may be, the music needs to be stylish and of a high quality. Premiere sounds for a premiere product.

Sold yet? Let me tell where you can find sleek, superb royalty free music for commercials…

Find Royalty Free Music for Commercials

So you can rest assured knowing your commercial can work its magic without causing any problems, you’ll need to use music with the correct licensing.

Synchedin offers a huge library of fantastic royalty free music, with the sync license covered. No need to worry about copyright troubles or anything that could trip your commercial up.

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Stylish Tracks for Commercials | Synchedin Collection

If you need a little inspiration to begin your search for music for commercial use, check out the Stylish Tracks for Commercials collection.

Hand-picked tracked curated by our expert behind the scenes at Synchedin. Featuring seasoned pros like Pacific and Simon Jomphe Lepine. Explore tracks from a wide range of genres, from pop, to edgy trap and vibey chillhop!