We are excited to announce that Swedish chip-music producer, Dubmood, has been added to the Synchedin catalogue. Find out more about them here!

Now residing in Marseilles, Dubmood has strong roots in the pre-internet software piracy scene. Long-time member of the infamous Norway based Razor 1911, a software cracking group, Dubmood has become somewhat of a style originator and reference point in the chip music community. From 1998 Dubmood set to work with rigour, creating Keygen and Crack Intro music. It was this consistent work that led to him becoming a front-runner in the style, drawing popularity to the genre and bringing it to the mainstream.

For over two decades, Dubmood has managed to maintain a steady presence within the chip music and 8-bit scene. Ceaselessly updating his sound through collaborations, experimentations with instrumentation, as well as influences, this artist has an impressive catalogue of electronic music. Dubmood is also the artist director of record label, Data Airlines. Begun in 2006, the label champions digital music in the proto-internet culture, focussing on retro-gaming, indie electronics and Chiptune.

You can check out the latest from Dubmood by following his SoundCloud or Spotify profiles.

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