Happy October, spook season is here! Here at Synchedin, we’ve put together a list of our personal Halloween favourites to give you some spooky viewing inspiration.

You might be a horror fanatic, a lover of gore, or you might be more like me and prefer people’s insides staying, well, inside them. Fortunately, there’s a tonne of Halloween viewing options to suit all levels of scaredy-cat. From nostalgic cartoons to mind-bending movies, we think you’ll find something you’ll like here.

Note: This list gets progressively less scary as it goes along. I’ve let the side down.

Kelly, Product Manager

“For real horror thing, I love Toni Colette and her in everything, but especially Hereditary. All Ari Aster stuff so far has been peng.”

“Monster House is a banger for some PG Halloween viewing.”

Zach, Content Manager

If you like your spookiness and tension mixed with a decent amount of laughs, then Zach has got you.

“Something that immediately springs to mind is that Brooklyn 99 do cool Halloween Heist episodes every season.”

“There’s this really old, niche stop-motion show I used to watch called Trap Door. It’s very nostalgic to me, and is genuinely pretty funny, and has some very spooky episodes at times.”

Coming in as a last-minute addition is The Ritual. Available to watch on Amazon Prime, this “f***ing sick one” definitely deserves to be on the list. According to Zach, it’s “not too[oooo] scary, but definitely has its moments.”

Don’t watch this one if you’re planning a camping trip any time soon.

Jack, Media Management Operative

“The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror was always a staple in my life.”

Short and sweet, and couldn’t agree more here. Top choice from Jack. Fun fact, courtesy of Zach: There are now enough Treehouse of Horror episodes to watch for every day of spoon season (October).

Johanna, Blog & Social Media Manager

As previously stated, I’m wholly with Jack on this. Too afraid of never being able to sleep again, hardcore horror films and gore fests have never been my thing. Cartoons however, yes please.

Halloween is meant to be light-hearted, in my eyes, rather than genuinely terrifying. That’s why classic Simpsons wordplay like “master of scare-emonies” and silly opening credit names like “Mike Skullcrusher Scully” is more my speed.

Also, the haunted house episode in New Girl is a great one. Plenty of ridiculous Halloween costumes, farcical misunderstandings, and Nick Miller being beautifully hopeless.

We hope that you take inspiration from the Synchedin Halloween favourites, whether you have your own scary viewing session or create some creepy content yourself.

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