The Synchedin site underwent a little maintenance last night. Find out about the site updates and what exactly changed right here!

We’re all about things being easy, here at Synchedin. We understand that the lift of a content creator is often a busy and demanding one. When you’re in the creative zone, you don’t want your workflow interrupted by having to navigate confusing platforms in order to find the right sound effect or royalty free song.

That’s why we are constantly evolving the Synchedin site, always with you, the creator, in mind. We want to make it so that you spend less time searching and more time getting creative. Our latest site update has seen the site take a step towards being even more slick, as well as some functional updates for us behind the scenes. This all adds up to things being processed more speedily, and a smoother experience for our wonderful users.

Be Square, or Be Square

Image isn’t everything, but it’s a pretty big deal. We’ve moved from aerodynamic curves, to neat and tidy squares. Nobody wants clutter when they’re hurriedly searching for something, right?

Shiny New Buttons

Sticking with the theme of decluttering, we’ve added some clean new download, add to collections, and share buttons. Your eyes are free to focus on the vital stuff, like descriptive and tags and clues from waveforms.

Make It In The Middle

We wanted the bottom bar, when playing a track or effect, to be as intuitive and visually pleasing as possible. The waveform now sits neatly in the centre, with all other elements beautifully lined up along the bar. New buttons on the right-hand side have been given plenty of space to breathe, helping to keep the page uncluttered, even if your creative brain isn’t!

What’s Next?

Functional updates to the backend of the site were mentioned, and we have many more in the pipeline. As a relatively new platform, we’re still bubbling over with exciting and useful ideas to make the lives of content creators easier.

Watch this space, because this is only the beginning!