These days, Fridays are for relaxing. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is the distinctly chilled and sophisticated, A Mixture of Sound by Jazz Lounge Bar.

Aptly taken from the album Something For The Weekend, this week’s Spotlight track is the perfect accompaniment to move you from the end of the working week and into blissful chill time. Not so long ago, Fridays were synonymous with big blowouts, trips to the pub and bars, an evening packed with action to see out the week.

Nowadays, it seems there has been a shift, largely thanks to pandemic restrictions. Fridays now mean the beginning of you-time – generous amounts of time cooking and sipping a drink, unwinding and slowing the pace. A Mixture of Sound acts as a fantastic soundtrack to this.

The track opens in full, as if you’ve walked into the middle of a very laid back jazz performance. Meandering and Mediterranean in feel, classical guitar leads the melody. Beneath this is the gentle shuffle of a brushed snare, and a rich sounding double bass, which forms a melodic counterpoint. The essence of lounge music is created by the Rhodes piano, providing interesting chordal elements throughout the track. Each instrument gets its own moment in the spotlight within the 2-3 minute duration, producing a wonderful mixture of sound indeed.

Jazz Lounge Bar masterfully produce music that is a perfect blend of what you know and like, whilst adding a measure of freshness. With over 100 million Spotify streams they have established themselves as one of the most popular background jazz artists on the international jazz scene and continue to release fresh new material on a monthly basis.

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