Ethereal atmosphere meets sheer power. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is Always Changing (feat. Sophie DeFrench) by Minno, Illumi!

A collaborative effort from Future Bass artists, Minno and Illumi, Always Changing (feat. Sophie DeFrench) combines delicacy and feeling, with oomph and bouncing bass synth.

Minno and Illumi are both skilled when it comes to producing tracks that offer breathy gentleness, beautiful vocals, and electronic energy. This is evident in Always Changing.

The melody line, in the form of gorgeous, contemporary vocals provided by Sophie DeFrench, ranges from swooping to clipped and full of movement. The track opens mildly, with airy humming layered over ambient synth, which builds steadily in volume. This thuds to a halt, letting arpeggiated electric guitar back the vocals, continuing the delicate feel of the track.

Electric drums and bass synth busts in, as the vocals become more determined and strong. In true future bass style, layers upon layers of synth sounds – ambient, twinkling, heavy and everything in between – make for an impactful drop. The bounciness of the track begins here, with drive and intensity taking the helm.

From the midway point, the track drifts smoothly from soothing lullaby to high octane motivator. The track is given everything for the final chorus, leaving you on a dizzying high. In order to bring you safely back down from the stratosphere, tinkling glockenspiel and those mesmerising breathy vocals take you by the hand. Always Changing ends even gentler than it begins, leaving thinking space to match the contemplative lyrics.

The driven and forceful nature of Always Changing makes it a fantastic track to accompany any active, high energy content. The transitions between uplifting and restful make it ideal for soundtracking extreme sports or adventure videos.

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