Simon Jomphe Lepine has treated us to another Tropical House meets Trap music Electronic tune with his new release Aventuras. A downtempo tune with high energy groove, we believe Aventuras is the perfect song to sync for your next content project!

How better to kick off 2022’s Spotlight feature than by welcoming long time Synchedin artist Simon Jomphe Lepine back into the Synchedin Spotlight. A prolific composer and producer, Simon Jomphe Lepine (aka. Nomis) writes for established artists and record labels alike. He also shares his creative magic by composing for television, video games, advertisement and web content.

Distant reverb tails and a rhythm you can’t help but groove to kick our January off to a flying start. Aventuras is a fun, Latin groove inspired royalty free banger with stylish influences from Trap and Tropical House music. Bright and vibrant pitched percussion lead the way into a bouncy break section, accompanied by a light-hearted and somewhat cheeky synth lead.

Reminders of the delicately crafted echoey sounds slowly creep back in, as the track begins to wrap things up with a repeat of the introduction. Before you know it, the Trap hats are reintroduced as the track solidifies itself as an electronic delight and one of Lepine’s best songs to date. While this track is short, we find this fun-filled song to be a fantastic reminder of the warm summer we have to look forward to around the corner. We can’t wait!

Adventuras is a prime example of why Simon Jomphe Lepine is one of Synchedin’s top artists and producers. Fun, exciting, and, of course, very well produced tunes, are all key reasons why Lepine’s catalogue is always ready to sync perfectly with your YouTube videos, TikToks, Reels, Facebook cooking videos and much, much more.

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