Let this week’s Synchedin Spotlight throttle you awake. Get a serious hit of slamming death metal and synthwave from Blind by Omni Express!

Omni Express, headed up by Julius Kössler, brings you retro, shimmering synth sounds, paired with unforgiving and brutal metal. The combination you never even knew you needed. Ominous programmed synth sounds reminiscent of Sega video games marry surprisingly well with dark, super heavy rock. Whether you’re looking for vintage vibes during a furious Grand Theft Auto car chase, or just need something to scream along to, Omni Express is the ticket.

Blind by Omni Express chugs into life, heavily distorted electric guitar warming up like a powerful engine. Dark synth enters, making way for the retro flavour of the track. Electronic drums whip into the mix, providing a steady beat for the chaos to build around. Licks of guitar reinforce the metal DNA of Blind, before we are courteously asked, “are you ready?” If you’re not, you’d best buckle up.

Wraith-like screaming, along with pounding drums and an intense riff, sees the track notch up several gears. But, before long, we’re plunged further into pandemonium. Machine gun fire drums are unleashed, creating a powerful sense of discord and unease, before heading back into steadier thrashing. Synth sounds reappear in sections, giving the track the feeling of an arcade game possessed.

The vitriol and aggression only increases, with layers of screaming male vocals growing the tension. Towards the end of the track, we are treated respite in the return of the fizzing, almost poppy synth. But getting too comfortable would be a serious mistake. Blind ends with enough screaming to make your own throat feel raw.

Jumping between raucous, unrelenting metal and retro synthwave gives this track a sense of dual-identity. Like an 80s games console cartridge has been infected by dark forces. Blind by Omni Express is the perfect accompaniment to an intense gaming session or just to let off steam.

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