And now for something completely different. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is the eclectic and quirky Blue Cactus by SUNRO!

This spotlight track comes courtesy of SUNRO, a New York-based duo of many talents. The pair are award-winning composers, as well as multi-instrumentalists. Their backgrounds in media scoring have seen them take inspiration from Hollywood movies, Japanese animation, and 1980s Nintendo games.

A fascination with jazz and concert music is also woven into the rich and diverse tapestry that is their catalogue. Beginning their collaborative lives at New York University Steinhardt, the two both earned their Master’s qualifications in Music: Screen Scoring.

Blue Cactus begins with a distinctly Latin flavour. Disjointed piano gives the feel of glitchy gameplay, whilst traditional claves emphasise the bossa nova element. Rhythmic devices pile up, with sustained jazzy chords draping over everything, creating a very Nintendo vibe.

A hint of the East comes in the form of the sweeping violin, playing intervals that conjure Japanese imagery. All the while, movement is maintained thanks to the shuffling, shimmying cymbals throughout. Blue Cactus offers a rich warmth via the bold trumpet, which injects more jazz into the track with improvised-feeling melodic passages.

The track ends on an almost melancholic note, in sharp contrast with the sunny, playful nature that dominates the rest. Interesting fusion is impressed upon us further, as lounge trumpet blows through an eastern sounding scale, à la the score of a motion picture.

Blue Cactus is an impressive feast for the ears, clocking in at just under two minutes in length. SUNRO have managed to pack plenty in whilst avoiding a hectic, overly busy sound. This track is fantastic for adding a wash of colour to any video.

To stay up to date with latest music from SUNRO, check out their YouTube channel, and give them a follow on Instagram and Twitter!