We’ve been on the collaboration train lately, and this time it’s the first out the station. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is the ultra-chilled Early Morning Train by Borrtex, Warmseat!

Two music production outfits, one guy. Borrtex, and his alias Warmseat have combined to create an irresistibly relaxing yet still foot-tappingly interesting piece of music. No stranger to the Synchedin spotlight, Borrtex boasts wonderful piano skills, which he has been developing since the age of six. He has had an incredibly prolific music production career, with a staggering 15 albums under his belt since beginning in 2017. His other alias, Warmseat focusses on composing with natural and fully organic sounds.

Organic is certainly the feeling you get when listening to this week’s Synchedin Spotlight track, Early Morning Train. If you’re already feeling a little sleepy, you might want to make sure you’re somewhere comfy before you listen. I dare you not to drift off.

The track begins with the clicking and whirring of tape, not dissimilar to the click-clacking of a railway track. Lo-fi piano chords steadily bounce in repetitive motion. The nature of finding repeated patterns in ambient sounds on a train ride has been captured masterfully. Bass and electronic drums pair up to create a warm, bouncy rhythm section, which adds the weight which will drag your eyelids closed. Another layer is introduced in the form of reverb-laden hand percussion. Wooden sounds reinforce the natural and organic feel that Warmseat strives for. With all the clacking at this point, you really could be on the most chilled train journey of your life.

The bass and percussion drops out to create well-defined sections within the track. Shakers and light electronic drums maintain the steady locomotive momentum of the track. The beautiful replication of a tape recording is evident from the gentle waviness of the keys. We then come out the other side of the tunnel, back into the glaring morning light, with full layers of percussion and harmonised piano chords.

Early Morning Train steams quietly off into the distance, with slightly distorted keys continuing the rhythmic motion, providing an almost lullaby effect. Our ears are filled with ambient, airy notes as we approach the termination of our easy, early commute.

Keep up to date with all the latest from Borrtex on Instagram, or check out his YouTube channel. You can also follow Warmseat on Instagram, for some specifically organic musical goodness.