Bedroom indie rock project High Sunn glides into this week’s Synchedin Spotlight with his latest lo-fi delight, fault!!!.

High Sunn, aka Justin Cheromiah, hails from San Francisco and joined the Synchedin family toward the end of 2021 with his BIRTHDIY signed release spring’s tears. He first began releasing music under this moniker in 2014, at just 14 years old! High Sunn’s signature sound is a superb blend of shoegaze, punk, and lo-fi guitar-driven pop styles. This combination of genres is clearly a big hit with listeners. High Sunn’s current top song on Spotify, Ramen Waitress, has over a whopping 4 million streams!

Our Spotlight track this week launches straight into action, with distorted guitars and an upbeat tempo which accurately reflect the number of exclamation points found in the track’s title. Syncopated acoustic drums keep fault!!! consistently exciting and care-free. We particularly like how since May 2017, High Sunn chooses to record and work with a live band, as opposed to electronic instruments – we feel it makes the music really stand out.

Stylish indie vocals cut through the warm lo-fi mix after a few rounds of the main guitar riff. Sticking true to the nature of indie bedroom rock, the song feels like it flies by before it’s even begun! However, fault!!! isn’t over just yet. A beautifully reverberated guitar melody sings out over the fuzz before the song comes to a close. We dare you to play this song just once without wanting to click repeat!

Personally, we imagine this track would make perfect backing music for a skating highlight reel, or even at the start of a coming of age indie film. Although, with music this upbeat, the applications are endless!

Both fault!!! and the spring’s tears EP by High Sunn are exclusively available on Synchedin. Check out our monthly or annual pricing options today, and get unlimited downloads of your favourite bedroom indie rock tunes today.