After something simultaneously retro and futuristic? Check out what we mean and listen to Journeys by Mango Tiger, our Synchedin Spotlight this week!

Mango Tiger is a 3/4 piece prog rock/rock band from Cornwall, UK. Specialising in experimental sounds coming out of a self-built studio, the group weave musical webs with plenty of guitars and synth. With just 3 tracks released currently on Spotify, the band shows off a decent range. Heavier, thrashing guitars and punchy vocals feature on the release, Colour TV. But, Mango Tiger show a different side with this week’s spotlight track.

Journeys sits more comfortably in the progressive rock space. The track whooshes into existence, with synths creating a futuristic and space-age atmosphere. Underlying synth pads form an airy foundation, atop which sits reverb soaked electric guitar licks.

This enigmatic opener gives way to an addictive bass groove and crisp drum beat. Distorted rhythm guitar chugs in and out of the mix, as the crunchy lead guitar runs away with itself. A sense of business is created, all whilst maintaining a carefully considered feeling of order and precision.

An instrumental piece, Journeys is an engaging jam, full of expression. Electronic atmospheric sounds swirl continuously to keep the track floating coolly in the prog rock sphere.

Ethereal space begins to fill up as the track progresses. Cymbals splash more ferociously, and skilful drum fills thunder through any blank space. Lead guitar licks transform into rumbling fuzz momentarily, before returning to the fleeting interjections we hear at the start. Riffing all the way to the end, the track ends relatively abruptly, as if sucked into a hidden black hole.

Journeys breathes old school rock, whilst using modern production and synthesized sounds to bring it into the present. Both relaxing and driven in equal measure, the song makes for a versatile accompaniment for visual projects.

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