Lofi chillhop producer Ka’vierre lands this week’s Synchedin Spotlight with their intricate and dreamy new tune Lax.

Ka’vierre is an alternative lofi/chillhop composer and producer, known for incorporating lush melodies and inviting timbres into their work. He describes himself as “new to all of this and still growing”, although the quality of his music sounds as if he’s been honing his craft for an extensive amount of time.

This yawn! label music producer first landed on the scene with his eclectic single release Rantan. This debut feels more synonymous with artists such as Herzeloyde or even Bonobo, and feels a lot less ‘lofi’ than this week’s Synchedin Spotlight. Nonetheless, the compositional and production quality of Ka’vierre’s first ever release is nothing short of inspiring.

Lax begins a delicate and calm inducing arpeggio played on guitar harmonics. This is played underneath a stylistically lofi field recording soundscape. A delightfully ‘wonky’ drum loop enters, providing the tranquil soundscape with a pulse that hits the spot in all the right places.

Interestingly, Ka’vierre sets himself apart from other lofi hip hop producers by utilising a musical technique called polymeter. This is where one musical idea in a track plays in, what sounds like, a different time signature over the top of another established time signature. In this example, the aforementioned harmonics part plays in repeats of 7.

This gives the listener the feeling that the song will all be in 7. However, when the drum loop enters, the pulse is clearly defined as an even 4/4. This is an excellent rhythmic and textural tool that Ka’vierre has expertly managed to sound at home in a more stylistically simple musical subgenre.

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