Another Friday, another Spotlight – this week’s Synchedin Spotlight is Lotus by Vexento! Friday doesn’t always have to mean bouncing bass and crazy parties. Here at Synchedin we know that down time is just as important! So, this week’s Spotlight is a breezy and calming track from the talented Norweigan producer.

Although renowned as a prolific dance producer, Vexento is far from a one trick pony. Whilst many of his musical creations like Sudden Urge can get you dancing, this track gives light to his effortless ability to lull the listener into a peaceful state of escapist wonder.

The soothing and meandering track evokes images of a journey through a beautiful eastern landscape, which reveals itself like a lotus flower blooming. How apt that the track is named ‘Lotus’?

Lotus begins with a bouncy and bright acoustic guitar melody before a muted hang drum sound fades in and morphs into a shimmering plucked string timbre. A crescendo builds and blooms into a beautiful soundscape of peacefully punctuating percussion. Transient gliding notes on the erhu playfully intertwine with the acoustic guitar melodies. Gradually a sense of wonder dawns on the listener like the ever unfolding, blooming nature of the lotus flower.

Vexento’s versatile tracks can truly make any piece of content flourish. With this concoction of beautiful timbres and melodies, it’s no wonder that Lotus fits fantastically in our Sounds for Sunny Mornings Collection. Maybe you can use it to soundtrack your morning vlog?

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