Axero returns to the Synchedin Spotlight with a delightful taste of the warm seasons to come – summery dance banger Maasai is finally here!

24-year-old French producer Axero is a well respected and renowned producer and remixer. Known for his picture-perfect tropical dance productions akin to that of Sigala and Duke Dumont, Axero consistently delivers radio-ready slices of summer.

Maasai is Axero’s first release since December 2021, so it’s an understatement to say that this release is long anticipated! To kick things off, Axero filters in a rather cheeky saxophone riff. Accompanied by tasteful but groovy hand percussion, Axero solidifies the genre and style of this track before we’ve even caught a whiff of the upcoming chorus. After letting the very Duke Dumont-esque saxophone melody take centre stage for a few bars, Axero takes a creative approach with his following section.

Introducing a fun filled recording of call and response singing between a teacher and their pupils brings a new dimension to this tropical dance hit. (Personally, this section reminds me of Bonobo and Innov Gnawa‘s Bambro Koyo Ganda, which can only ever be a good thing!). A quirky off-beat piano begins to take us away from the settings of the call and response sample, just before a sturdy and reliable four-on-the-floor kick pattern returns us to the groove.

All the prior elements introduced fall into place perfectly when the saxophone enters once again. The syncopated percussion dances around the groove, as the call and response sample is chopped masterfully to accent the sensationally summery saxophone. Production perfection!

Axero’s Masaai is the perfect tropical dance anthem to sync to your festival or travel vlog, summery YouTube video, or your upbeat, motivational themed content. Grab a monthly or annual subscription to Synchedin today for your unlimited downloads of Axero’s entire catalogue of tropical dance bangers!