Feeling chilled but upbeat? We’ve got just the track for you. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is the beat-iful no dust by simmerdown.

simmerdown is a hip hop-influenced producer from Cornwall, UK. They specialise in fusing elements of old school rap instrumentals, sampling culture and underground dance music. If you’re a fan of that warm vinyl crackle, it’s in no short supply in simmerdown’s music.

no dust is a wonderfully calming yet driven mix of chordal loops and west coast hip hop beats. The tinkle of Rhodes keys gently kicks things off, underpinned by synth strings acting as a high-pitched drone. Segments of chords are cut together in a way that retains the chilled essence of the track, whilst preventing total hypnosis.

Contributing to the classic hip hop feel of the track, interjections of vinyl scratching joins the 70s sounding harmonic components. Acting as an effortless transitional device, the scratching sees the entrance of industrial percussive sounds to the mix.

Through the masterful use of textural layering and clever cutting, simmerdown has created a track that simultaneously relaxes the listener whilst maintaining movement and interest.

no dust is the final track on simmerdown’s latest EP, lamp signs, which is available on Spotify and SoundCloud. To keep up to date with new music from simmerdown, follow them on Instagram or subscribe on YouTube.