Synchedin artist Vexento delights eager fans with an eclectic new electronic delight, Northern Lights.

We’re very excited to welcome back legendary Synchedin Artist Vexento to the Synchedin Spotlight with his incredible 2022 debut single. At just 21 years old, Vexento (aka Alexander) already has an astounding back catalogue of perfectly produced instrumental electronic music. Boasting an inspiring 180,000 monthly listeners on his Spotify, as well as a jaw-dropping 475,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, it’s quite clear that Alexander’s promising career as an industry recognised music producer has only just begun.

A peacefully plucked acoustic guitar pattern filters in as Vexento sets the scene for another captivating electronic masterpiece. It’s hard not to imagine the Aurora Borealis itself as the icy-sounding plucky synth enters and whisks you away to a Nordic paradise.

Never one to disappoint his fans, Vexento doesn’t waste time in introducing one of his signature pan-pipe infused bouncy yet airy synth lead sounds. Several brief pauses keep the Scandinavian sounding bop driving forward. Come the 1-minute mark, a fantastically mixed chorus of beautifully combined elements sing together like cogs in a well oiled machine.

Expertly keeping the energy upbeat and flowing, Vexento sweeps in a very fun and bouncy pitched percussion lead which bridges the track over seamlessly into an exciting new section.

Treating fans to a repeat of the bouncy pan-pipe lead once more, Vexento knows full well how to finish off this exciting 2022 debut with a bang: a cheeky key change! A fresh iteration of the melody in a bright new key signature leaves the listener like they really have witnessed the Northern lights phenomena for the very first time!

We’re incredibly excited to hear new music from one of our favourite Synchedin Artists, and we believe this week’s Synchedin Spotlight is beyond well deserved! Northern Lights is already climbing Vexento’s top trending tracks on Spotify, and we’re delighted to be able to offer it to you as a royalty free anthem for your fantastic content.

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