Synchedin Spotlight has rolled round once more, and we’re feeling pretty mellow. Relax and take a breather with Paper Straws by Shangbock.

The warming crackle of vinyl is something we at Synchedin often associate with a relaxing Friday evening. Don’t have a record player? Not to worry, this track has got you covered. Meandering piano and disjointed guitar interjections characterise this track and gives it its laid back nature. A steady beat, almost primitive in sound, pushes you from each soporific section to the next. Distant calls from a lone saxophone give a touch of soul to the song, whilst an almost funky guitar rhythm surprises at the end. Shangbock has released other tracks of a similar nature. Brief and snappy moments of joyful chillhop relaxation. You can listen to these on Spotify, Apple Music, or check them out on our library.

Check out our brand-new Evening playlist, featuring Shangbock and other great chilled tracks. With the likes of Kevin Macleod and Carlos Manolofi, this collection of tracks is perfect for setting to mellow evening activities or providing background music for a dinner party setting. So, sign up to Synchedin today and get access to a huge library of awesome royalty free music!