Funky guitars, saxophones & good vibes – all the ingredients necessary for a summer bop can be found in Axero‘s latest release, Pura Vida.

Axero is a 24-year-old French electronic music producer. Known for his feel-good style of dance music, Axero has amassed over 50 million streams on his Spotify alone.

While his production style is established and easily recognisable, Axero also often collaborates with a wide variety of different vocalists and producers. Vocalists such as Andrew Harris and Katie McConnell appear in Axero’s Synchedin catalogue several times, demonstrating his skilful versatility when it comes to adapting his music around other musicians and artists.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight begins with a growing synth chord progression decorated with stylishly atmospheric vocal chops. The vibe of this track already sounds very appropriate for an episode of Love Island. As a satisfying tom-tom drum sample tees us up, we’re treated to a Madeon style sample chops based groove, solidifying this Spotlight track as a certifiable summer pop anthem.

Pura Vida continues the fun vibes by introducing a classic Axero feature – a saxophone melody. Arpeggio synth decorations keep the interest piqued, as we head towards a brief bridge passage.

The beat drops out, allowing the summer style vocal chops to shine through again. After the clap drops out too, this really allows Axero’s expert sound crafting and sample chopping to shine through, as the dynamic chord progression rises through the frequency range once again.

To round things off in style, all the instruments return for a final chorus section, with the cheeky saxophone melody in tow. A cute synth sound arpeggiates our way to the very end of this feel-good summer pop bop.

Download Pura Vida today exclusively on Synchedin for just $4.99. Upgrade your content with unlimited downloads of Axero’s top hits, such as Lights (4.5 million Spotify streams), Sax & Sun (1 million streams) and Maasai (360k Spotify streams) only on Synchedin.