Powerhouse family duo Alonestar (aka Jethro Sheeran) and Ed Sheeran join forces to deliver their inspirational hip hop collab Real Life.

Jethro Sheeran, or more commonly known as the music producer Alonestar, originally hails from Bristol in the UK. It’s no secret at all that Alonestar’s younger cousin is international singer-songwriter superstar Ed Sheeran. However, it’s clear that Alonestar is more than capable of holding his own. Over the course of Alonestar’s awe-inspiring career, he has worked with an incredible array of artists such as Massive Attack, Lil Wayne and legendary rapper Damian Marley to name but a few. Outside the studio, Jethro has also amassed an astounding fan following, paving the way for not one but two sell-out UK tours. Performing to crowds as huge as 90,000 people, it’s apparent that the world is ready for a second Sheeran megastar.

Kicking things off with a dangerously stylish funk guitar slide, a seriously groovy hip hop beat drops in with decorative horn swells and stabs to boot. Ed Sheeran’s knack for catchy vocal choruses is exercised once again here, as he delivers lyrics of inspiration amidst the struggles of everyday life.

Alonestar takes centre stage as his rhymes flow through the beat. Consistently keeping his flow engaging, Jethro moves the accent of his rhymes onto different sections of the bar to further emphasise the struggles of real life. Ed comes in for another chorus of catchy melodies after Jethro wraps his first verse. Even if the two weren’t related, they have a real chemistry that can be heard throughout this week’s spotlight track.

A brief breakdown gives Alonestar and his excellent production skills a brilliant opportunity to really demonstrate what he can do. Twinkly piano notes decorate Jethro’s rhymes and lyrics of optimism. In true hip hop style, Alonestar dishes out some shout-outs to his favourite people, before letting cousin Ed wrap up the tune.

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