Busy thoughts interrupting the stillness of the night isn’t often welcomed, but this week’s Synchedin Spotlight conveys it beautifully – Sleepwalker (feat. Dianna) by jøno, Rezin!

A collaboration between jøno and Rezin results in wondrous things. Both artists belonging to Chill Trap Records, these two producers have conjoined their skills to create a simultaneously soothing and rousing track. Plus, having celebrated Women’s Equality Day yesterday, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous vocals, courtesy of featuring artist, Dianna.

Sleepwalker (feat. Dianna) opens warmly, with the soporific crackle of vinyl and an etheral foundation of synths. Deep synth bass provides a solid bed for twinkling distorted keys to lay upon. After a gentle introduction, we are slammed awake by the solitary pound of electronic drums. Delicate, breathy vocals offer introspection, the type of thoughts that can sometimes keep you up at night.

This theme is quickly reflected in the following section of the track. A classic future bass drop flickers into our ears, with abrasive, fuzzing synth leading the charge. A steady yet forceful beat, accompanied by beefy bass, gives propulsion to this moment of relative turmoil.

Abruptly, we’re lifted back up into starry night skies and a pool of tranquillity. Far off keys give the track a lullaby quality, taking us back to a place of quietude and infancy. This time, thudding war-like drums intensify the otherwise relaxing passage. Unable to keep those knocking demons from the door, we are plunged back into a final furore. Sleepwalker unleashes all its force and power, slurring and glitching its way down to earth. The track leaves us with a sense of yearning and melancholy, as soft keys tinkle their way to the close.

Sleepwalker (feat. Dianna) is a song of two sides. This makes a fantastically versatile track, and perfect for use in time-lapse videos, tutorials, sports videos and so much more!

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